We always knew that making a short film which relied of the success of its visual effects was going to be technically demanding as well as ambitious. However, as neither the director nor the writer are willing to back down from a challenge, what started as a one page script grew, along with our enthusiasm, into the much bigger project you see here.

Somewhere between the script’s development and the numerous conversations that started with “I know this might be crazy but…” we gained a diverse and endlessly supportive cast and crew. Some of them were old friends, others new ones, but ‘Repossessed’ has been lucky to be touched by them all.

Immense support from Kickstarter, our benefactors, including Hiive who named us the project of the month, helped us successfully raise the budget we needed. What followed was a rollercoaster of production design, green screen tests, and most importantly of all, post production. And so, after months (and months) of work we can finally bring you the short film, ‘Repossessed’.


Newly dead, Anjelica is trapped in limbo, waiting her turn to visit a place to call home and therefore to haunt. Sensing her powers, Dora, from The Afterlife Relocation Services, sees in Anjelica the perfect fit for an attic she’s been trying to fill for eternity. But, what our protagonist doesn’t know is that the attic is guarded by Dora’s archnemesis: an experimented ghost hunter called Bob. 

With this premise established, Repossessed follows Anjelica discovering her inner powers as a poltergeist, powers that she knows very little about and turn out to be deadly devastating. The original concept for Repossessed was to make a film about a woman overcoming her self-boundaries to allow her true self to emerge. Sticking to my penchant for surrealism, I elaborated by diving the characters in a world that still holds all its mysteries to us: the afterlife. With its limitless possibilities, the afterlife offers a creative universe where the rules of the world as we understand it can be altered in order to tell stories.

With its dark comedy overtones, the story focuses on our defaults as humans to restrict our capacity to achieve our goals. Some of us will capitulate when facing a situation that seems impassable, some of us will use others to reach their objectives, some will blindly follow orders without questioning. These situations are among many outlined in Repossessed.

John Danvoye